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Just after Harvest, when all the work is done, the hard times are over and the wines can rest in a quiet cellar, i used to destillat together with my grandfather. First we started in 2008 with a small charge of grape marc, a so called Trester, the Austrian version of Grappa. The next year we also destillat the yeasty part of some wines and filled the destillat in small oak barrels. I thought the destillat is very neutral and to age it in small oak barrels will give some complex aromas to the wine brand. A few years later we destillat pure wine 2 times and then i add juniper berries, local herbs and blossoms from different trees. This was macerated for about 2 month and then destillat again, the 3rd time and the result was the IGNACZ Gin. The juniper berries and all the other botanicals are local, that‘s important and that‘s why the Gin is unlikely a usual version. It has more spicy notes, the juniper berries are dominant, and because it is made out of wine the alcohol in it is smoother than usual, although almost 45%vol. A small production, made with a 70 year old pot still distillation, still fired by wood. Unique and rare.

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