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Ginarte is as carefully crafted as any work of art brought to life by an artist. It is the fruit of intuition, of mastery and know-how in terms of the use of raw materials. It is a gin made with artisanal care. Distilled from wild juniper berries that grow only on the slopes of the Apennine mountains in Tuscany. Their remarkable aromatic qualities are what give life to a truly unique flavour.

the juniper berries

Picked only in select areas of the Apennines of Tuscany, the juniper berries are infused in 65% pure wheat alcohol and then distilled in a discontinuous vacuum alembic still to preserve even the most delicate of its aromas. the botanicals of the art Calamint Safflower Mignonette Rubia Indigo These rare and precious botanicals are infused separately in 55% pure wheat alcohol and then distilled, separately, in a small, non-vacuum, discontinuous alembic still. the other botanicals Wild celery Lavender Hibiscus Elderflower Pine buds Mountain pine Pine needles These plants are infused, all together, in 55% pure wheat alcohol. The resulting infusion is then distilled in a small, non-vacuum discontinuous alembic still. THE FINISHING TOUCH The distillates of the three infusions are then blended together and left to rest for a few days, after which ultra-pure water of glacial origin is added to bring the alcohol content to 44%. It is then passed through low-temperature (-7°C) filters made of very pure cellulose that hold back any oily particles that may have remained in the mixture. Ginarte is now ready to be bottled. INSPIRATION Ginarte is a journey into beauty. A beautifully-balanced whole. An expression of strength and delicacy. An ode to all things marvellous, an homage to deep emotion. A bright transparency where tradition is nestled in the light of renovation. THE ESSENCE In its broadest sense, art is all those activities that result in mankind’s many expressions of creativity and aesthetic forms. Art is not a single language, nor is there a single unequivocal interpretation of it. Art is the ability to transmit emotions and subjective messages. Art with a capital A. Not limited to any particular form or any particular artistic period. abel design by artist and illustrator Klaus Haapaniemi, gin by chef Antto Melasniemi, both founders of Tënu. Alc.: 43,5% ABV Bottle size: 50 cl glass bottle in giftbox

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