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The Fahnenschwinger is the typical local Blaufränkisch from the village Neckenmarkt. It‘s a symbol for the people of Neckenmarkt and an old tradition from the 17th century. During the battle of Lackenbach, the Duke of Esterhazy was caught in a trap surrounded by enemies. People from Neckenmarkt joined the battle with simply tools and helped the Duke against his enemies. For the help against hungarian rebels, Esterhazy gave the Neckenmarkter vineyards to make their own wine and also a flag which is proudly waved every year since this victorious battle. Only vines which are older than 50 years are allowed for this Blaufränkisch, which is still fermented in old opened oak casks for almost one month. Directly from the press the wine aged for 15 month in large 1200 liter barrels. It‘s unfiltered and unfined and represents the character of the village Neckenmarkt at it‘s best.

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