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Why Hero Gin? The love for superheroes and Gin arose the idea of this delightful Hero Gin. The Hero - which is produced in a small batch procedure - gains his superpowers with the addition of six selected botanicals from organic and/or regional cultivation or – if available - also from the domestic gardens. Juniper, orange peels, citrus peels and lavender are the known botanicals – the two other botanicals remain secret since a superhero never reveals his real identity. The double distillation process gives him its body and goodness. We completely abstained from the addition of sugar as well as artificial flavours. The production is 100% selfmade - beginning with peeling the botanicals, bottling as well as fixing the red cape in the end. Our little Hero is with its fruity taste is not only an eye-catcher but also an expression of true craftsmanship. Real passion combined with the careful selection of high-quality botanicals turn our Gin into something extraordinary.

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