Kolfok - Burgenland, Østrig

The word has it‘s origins in a regional Burgenland dialect and describes a person, critical to common thoughts – an unconventional thinker.

The winery dates it‘s roots back to the early 19th century. At this time the region Burgenland was still a part of Hungary.

Burgenland is now at the eastern end of Austria next to the Hungarian border and is very different to the other wine regions in the country. Some parts of the vineyards are directly at the border of Hungary, especially the town Neckenmarkt shows an unique combination of alpine soils and pannonian climate. In the middle of the Ödenburger Valley, Neckenmarkt is located at a relatively high altitude, the vineyards are up to 500 meter above sealevel and the soils are varied. In the higher parts soils range from
shist, gneis to limestone, and in the lower vineyards from ferrous loam to vulcanic clay.

Stefan want to show those exceptional conditions in his wines. That‘s why he works natural both in the vineyards and in the cellar. To prevent monoculture the vines are growing organically togehter with other herbs and plants. In the cellar it‘s very easy – the wine leaves the press without the use of pumps into local oak barrels which can be from 600 liters (Halbstück) to 1200 liters (Stück), this is where the wine stays without fining, moving or even sulfering. At the optimum time they are bottled unfiltered with a minimal addition of sulfur.

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Kolfok - Burgenland, Østrig

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