Burghound om Maison Harbour: “Impressive for such young winemakers…”

Vi er umådeligt stolte over samarbejdet med Nicholas og Colleen Harbour fra Savigny-les-Beaune i Bourgogne. Lige fra starten har vi vidst, at de havde gang i noget stort i Bourgogne, der med en smule tålmodighed nok skulle blive belønnet.
Så fine, stilsikre vine af ekstraordinært høj kvalitet, og et mod til at holde fast i stilen – på trods af en ungdommelig tendens i Bourgogne der går i en anden retning. Et mod der belønnes med stor efterspørgsel og anerkendelse på mange store restauranter verden over.


Burghound.com – én af de førende autoriteter og videnscentre indenfor Bourgogne, er ligeledes begejstrede for Maison Harbour og deres tilgang til vinproduktionen.

Læs herunder deres ord fra seneste udgivelse af Burghound:

Burghound. Issue 70. 2018

A young Canadian/American couple, Colleen and Nicholas Harbour, started a small négociant operation from their digs in Savigny. Their first vintage was in 2013 and they only buy fruit for their reds and it depends on sources and quality for their whites (which will be reviewed in Issue 71). It is sorted by hand and then completely destemmed except for the Corton which is vinified with a bit of whole clusters. Nicholas is quick to point out though that the destemming is done very gently as the idea is not to crush the berries so as to have more of a whole berry effect during the early phase of the vinification. There is no thermoregulation and the ferments are done entirely with natural yeasts while employing as little sulfur as can be justified given the cleanliness of the crop. The extraction regime is deliberately on the lighter side and when the fermentation is dry, the solids are pressed by hand where the new wine is given a 3 to 4 day lees settling.

The wines are then transferred to traditional oak barrels of which almost none of it is new. The élevage period is typically divided between 12 months in cask with another 3 to 6 in tank. The wines are fined and filtered only if absolutely necessary and then bottled by a professional service using the Diam 30 brand composite cork.

The style is neither particularly modern nor traditional and while there is an emphasis on pure fruit, I would not describe the wines so much as fruit-driven but rather transparent. And in contrast to the trendy style among certain young vignerons in Burgundy today who also make relatively fruit-forward wines (which some in Burgundy derisively refer to as “fast wine”), here there is depth and structure to go with it as these wines should repay mid-term cellaring. Overall, I have been able to taste several vintages of the Harbour wines and the results are impressive for such young winemakers and this is an address to watch carefully over the next few years. The Harbour’s noted that their 2016s were bottled in December 2017.

Læs mere om Maison Harbour og se vores udvalg her

2015-årgangen fra Maison Harbour er på vej hjem og forventes at lande primo maj 2018. Vores allokation af 2016-årgangen er fastlagt, og vinene i denne ligeledes store årgang forventes at lande til september.

Allokationer fra årgang 2015

Mængderne fra Maison Harbour er forsvindene små, og efterspørgslen kraftigt stigende på verdensplan. Derfor vil fordelingen fra årgang 2015 blive styret, først efter tildelte allokationer, og derefter pr. ordre ad hoc. Kontakt os for muligheden for allokationer på de to årgange 2015 og 2016 fra Maison Harbour på m@vinomani.dk

K.H. Schneider er ‘Climber of the Year’

Andi Schneider er den nye generation hos Weingut K.H. Schneider.
Andi begyndte forholdsvis sent som vinmager, da han startede med en grad i business administration. Men efter en årrække kunne han ikke lade være med at vende hjem til forældrenes vingård. Og heldigvis for det! Siden Andi tog over, har man revolutioneret vinene og kvaliteten, hvilket flere gange er blevet belønnet med flotte ratings og anerkendelser … og nu har kulmineret!

‘Climber of the Year’
Vinum Weinguide klinger måske endnu ikke så kendt i manges øre. Men det er ingen ringere end hele holdet fra det velrenomerede Gault Millau, som blot har skiftet navn. Og dermed vejer denne flotte anerkendelse af Weingut K.H. Schneider pludselig særdeles tungt, hvor man ligeledes har kåret K.H. Schneider’s Riesling Schlossböckelheim Kabinett som årets bedste køb, samt Riesling Sobermheimer Roter Tonschiefer som værende blandt Tysklands syvende bedste køb til prisen!

Weingut Schneider bedste Riesling i Tyskland

Læs her begrundelsen hos Vinum Weinguide:

The new collection of this Bad Sobernheimer estate is a
celebration of the Middle Nahe region. So much play, so
much delicacy, so much lightness, so much drinking flow
that it is a great pleasure. Slim, mineral Rieslings like straight
from the picture book! The collection is crowned by a dry
Riesling from the Schlossböckelheimer Felsenberg, which is
in spite of enormous pressure very prancing and two
Spätlese. The Sobernheimer Domberg Spätlese is scoring
with its rich fruit and juiciness, the one from the Felsberg
with its solid structure and great elegance. And all this
from a winery that even connoisseurs of the Nahe didn’t
know until a few years ago. Andi Schneider has thoroughly
changed that. He has brought the local vineyards
Domberg and Marbach on the map. Add to that the
wines from the Schlossböckelheimer Felsenberg. We
thought the young winegrower would have presented his
masterpiece in 2015. It was a collaction without fault and
blame. But even though Andi couldn’t produce a terrific
Trockenberrenauslese again in 2016, the 2016s are even
more convincing in their entirety. The wines are
predominantly spontaneously fermented and aged in oak
Over 70 percent of the vineyards are steep slopes. Further
Riesling areas in prime locations will follow in the future.

Op til 98 point af James Suckling
I en nyligt udgivet artikel på JamesSuckling.com, skrevet af Stuart Pigott, modtager Andi’s vine ligeledes uovertrufne roser med 1x 98 point, 1x 97 point, 1x 96 point og hele 12 vine med mellem 90-95 point. Ligeledes fandt to af vinene en imponerende plads i Suckling’s Top-100 over Tysklands vine. 

Vi er stolte over at være Weingut K.H. Schneiders repræsentant i Danmark, og ønsker Andi et stort tillykke med hans vine og de flotte anmeldelser.

Læs mere om Weingut K.H. Schneider og se udvalget ved at klikke HER

Se de flotte anmeldelser fra JamesSuckling.com herunder:

2015 FELSENBERG Riesling TBA 98 points
It’s not the enormous concentration of this wine that makes it stand out, rather
it’s the diamond-like briiliance. Which fresh pineapple tastes as good as this
wine? I never tasted one! There’s also a wonderful salty minerality at the very
long finish. Drink or hold as long as you can to attain the complexity that bottle
age will reveal.

2015 FELSENBERG Riesling Auslese 97 points
Here the dark side and the bright side of the force meet on equal terms and the
result is a laser sword duel that’s wildly exciting! An extremely long and
inspiring finish that leaves a lot of the competition behind it. Drink or hold.

2016 FELSENBERG RIESLING trocken 95 Points
In spite of the intense grapefruit and smoke character this is a remarkably
succulent dry riesling with such beautiful balance that you don’t think for a
moment about alcohol, acidity or the other building blocks of the wines. Then
comes the extremely refined and lingering finish. Drink or hold.

2015 FELSENBERG Riesling trocken 94 points
Great pineapple, grapefruit and smoky aromas. Concentrated, sleek and quite
austere this is a dramatic expression of this great site that should stun anyone not
familiar with high-end Nahe dry riesling. Drink or hold.

2016 FELSENBERG Riesling Spätlese 95 points
A super-elegant riesling Spätlese with enormous wild berry aromas and more
minerals than sweetness. Super-clean finish that is laser beam straight and pure.
Drink or hold.

2015 FELSENBERG Riesling Spätlese 92 points
Lots of ginger, canided grapefruit and smoke make this a really exciting
Spätlese. There’s plenty of depth at the front, but the finish lacks some of the
vitality that makes this producer’s best wines irresistible. Drink or hold.

2016 MARBACH Riesling Spätlese 96 points
A literally breathtaking wine that moves with warp speed across your palate in
search of unexplored regions in space. Super-succulent, but also absolutely pure
and clean.Dazzling finish! Drink or hold as long as you can resist this beauty.

2016 MARBACH Riesling trocken 95 points
The stone fruits, smoky minerality and very elegant acidity of this wine just
don’t want to stop. Breathtakingly mineral finish. So impressive now, but has
decades of potential.

2015 MARBACH Riesling trocken 94 points
This has such a beautiful peachy fruit you just want to drop everything and savor
the one you love! In spite of all the ripeness and power this is a delightful dry
white that almost anyone could enjoy. Near-perfect balance at the long elegant
finish. Drink or hold.

2015 MARBACH Riesling Auslese 95 points
Great exotic fruit aromas and a stunning richness, but only moderate sweetness
make this a great wine for foie gras and Roquefort. Then comes the imposingly
mineral finish that makes me catch my breath. Drink or hold.

2015 MARBACH Riesling Spätlese 95 points
Sweet floral aromas and a very ripe palate make this a stunning Spätlese that is
delicious now, but has enormous ageing potential. Such a pure and bright finish
that it tastes so much drier there than the luscious first impression.

2015 DOMBERG Riesling Spätlese 95 points
Packed with peach and apricot this is not only super-succulent, but strikingly
original thanks to the cool mineral core and the herbal freshness that drive the
very long and seriously complex finish. Drink or hold.

2015 DOMBERG Riesling trocken 94 Points
This smells like a perfectly ripe durian and there’s a corresponding juiciness on
the palate. The forceful, but ripe acidity at the finish might be too much for
some, but I find this seriously exciting. Great mineral character that speaks of
the shallow stony soil in this excellent site in Sobernheim. Drink or hold.

2016 DOMBERG Riesling trocken 93 points
The intense herbal and smoky nose marks this out as a very serious dry riesling
that’s got a ton of terroir character. Thankfully there’s also plenty of fruit.
Lovely freshness at the long crystalline finish. Drink or hold

2016 DOMBERG Riesling Spätlese 93 points
Cool, succulent and herbal this is a lovely Spätlese that has great balance and a
very clean long finish that draws you back to the glass for more. Analytically
this is medium-sweet, but there’s nothing medium about the wine at all! Drink
or hold.

2016 SCHLOSSBÖCKELHEIM Riesling Vulkanstein 93 points
There’s a ton of wild berry and herb aromas in this radically original dry riesling,
but there’s also enormous energy. Salty minerality at the powerful very dry
finish. Drink or hold. From the famous Felsenberg site of Schlossböckelheim.

2016 SOBERNHEIM Riesling Roter Tonschiefer 93 points
Packed with fruit and herbal aromas this is a bold and juicy wine with just a hint
of smoke. The citrusy acidity is beautifully integrated. The long finish is
dramatic and expressive. Drink or hold.

2015 SCHLOSSBÖCKELHEIM Riesling Vulkanstein 92 points
Quite an austere dry riesling, but with a lot of citric power. Salty minerality at
the imposing finish! This one takes no prisoners, but is the real McCoy! Drink
or hold.

2015 SOBERNHEIM Riesling Roter Tonschiefer 92 points
Not for the faint of heart! A little bit wild, but also stunning freshness for 2015,
brimming with herbal aromas. The whiplash finish makes this a very exciting
wine. Drink or hold.

2016 SCHLOSSBÖCKELHEIM Riesling Kabinett 92 points
Not only does this have the intense smoky note typical for Schlossböckelheim,
but it’s also brimming with fruit and has a crisp finish that cleans all the grape
sweetness up to reveal the mineral depths.

2016 Riesling trocken 91 points
Smoky and juicy with plenty of citrus and tart pineapple freshness. Still quite
leesy but also a lot of energy with a super-crisp mineral finish. Drink or hold for
a year or two. Screw cap.

2016 SOBERNHEIM Riesling Kabinett 90 points
Super-juicy, but also bright and crisp this is a delicious Kabinett that’s screaming
for prawns and chili! Drink now. Screw cap.

Oregons bedste Pinot Noir

Phelps Creek høster mange anerkendelser. Og ikke uden grund!
De 30 ha. marker dyrkes og plejes med stor omhu af ejer Bob Morus – hvilket han har gjort siden han plantede de føste stokke i 1990.
En ligeså væsentlig faktor er uden tvivl det 10 år lange samarbejde med 4. generations winemaker fra Bourgogne – Alexandrine Roi fra Domaine Marc Roi. Alexandrine, der i øvrigt blev kåret som årets winemaker i Bourgogne i 2016, lægger med stor passion og omhu sit talent og sine kræfter i arbejdet med vinene fra Phelps Creek.

Man har før høstet guldmedaljer og høje points ved internationale anmeldere … og nu igen:

GULD ved Oregon Wine Competition for sin Pinot Noir 2014.

It was an honor to receive the Gold Medal in the 2017 Oregon Wine Competition. Judging by 5 Masters of Wine brings added prestige to the event” — Robert Morus

Vi er stolte over at have netop denne guldmedalje-vin på lager, og ikke mindst at være Phelps Creeks repræsentant i Danmark.

Køb Phelps Creek vine hos Vinomani her