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Vino Nobile Single Vineyard | Caprile

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James Suckling:


Caprile Single Vineyard – Vino Nobile di Montepulciano D.O.C.G.

Wodden cases of 3 bottles

Grace and purity make Caprile a unique expression of Sangiovese: delicate and elegant, Caprile will enchant you with its refined bouquet, reminiscent of strawberry pie, cooking sices, pink pepper grains and Mediterranean herbs. Warm and seductive, finesse and complexity will dominate your palate, accompanied by silky tannins and by an ethereal and persistent finish.

Caprile Soil & Vineyard Specifics:
Soil of marine origin from the Pliocene (3-5 million years ago) with no stone presence. One part is rich in clay and limestone, is poor in organic matter and is characterized by layers of sand, offering good drainage. The other part is rather deep soil, rich in sand and silt with a medium presence of limestone and little organic matter.

This vineyard was planted in 1978. The vines are guyot-trained at an altitude of 270- 300 metres a.s.l. / 886-984 feet a.s.l. and grow at a density of 2,564 plants / hectare (1,025 plants / acre) with a South-East row orientation.

The Single Vineyard Projects:
The beauty of the wine district of Montepulciano lies in its immense diversity: soils rich in sand and clay give way to deeper or shallower calcareous plots, imprinting distinctive nuances to the wines’ tasting profile. Avignonesi’s Nobile has always mirrored the best of what the region offers, being the result of a pure Sangiovese sourced from all Avignonesi’s different vineyard plots. With this project, instead, Avignonesi give voice to each single identity, crafting a multifaceted palette of the most original Sangiovese expressions, listening to their own, special story.

This is how the Single Vineyards were born.

A thick floor of clay topped by a thin calcareous layer characterises the Nobile’s underworld. The clay acts as a water reserve releasing just the right amount to the vineyards. This magical environment is where the tasting palette of Sangiovese comes to life. Based on the plots’ geolocation the grapes take on a nuance of their own. Our single vineyards represent the Sangiovese tasting palette with which the Nobile is made. All vinified in the same manner, they are truly different yet can come together harmonically.

Modning: 22 måneder på store, brugte egefade
Passer til: Kalvekød, lam, grill, fasan, vildsvin
Drikkevindue: 12-15 år
Produktionsmetode: Organic & Vegan.
Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks with the use of indigenous yeasts and 25-35 days of maceration on the skins.

Avignonesi - Montepulciano - Toscana, Italien

Når man taler om de mest celebre vine fra Toscana, er det normalt de berømte Brunello vingårde i Montalcino, der løber med æren. Men i den seneste årrække er det mindre kendte nabodistrikt Vino Nobile di Montepulciano begyndt at ånde...
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